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What’s been going on?

18 May 2010

Well, since I last posted, a lot of things have changed. Specifically, Xbal’s 80, and now balance main spec, resto for 2nd raiding spec. I started pvping using 24/0/47, just respeccing constantly between pvp and pve; recently I’ve gotten an okay balance pvp set together, so I often just pvp in balance. I still have been slowly gathering feral gear, and I’m hopefully going to go feral for lower spire in my 10 man the next couple of lockouts.

I’ve really enjoyed balance, and it was definitely easier to start off doing decently without much gearing up, but I do miss feral, so it’ll be nice to play with it for a bit. Really, I just wish there was decuple spec, or at least quadruple spec — I can’t think of *any* class where I wouldn’t really appreciate having easy access to 4 specs, and I suspect classes that have healing specs in particular would really benefit from it. Druids are probably the only class that would really make use of 10 specs, though, so I can understand if that might not exactly be a priority.

Since, apparently, there are a few folks who end up finding this blog by searching for a Predatory Strikes macro, I’ll rewrite that and post a new one shortly (specifically, by Friday evening sometime) — in addition to the 3.3 changes to macro syntax allowing for a shorter, cleaner version, there are some changes I’d like to make for other reasons. Hopefully that’ll prove useful for folks.