Random intro type post which is semi-obligatory

So, I’m currently leveling a cat/tree specced druid on the Draka server.

I also at least have a character created for each of the classes, except for mage. At least sort of leveling 5 of them: an unholy DK (not sure what the other spec will end up being — Frost if I get it sooner, Blood if I get it later), a Ret/Holy pally, an aff lock (who will probably end up being aff/demo or demo/destruct), a enh shaman (probably enh/resto eventually), and a hunter so low level I haven’t started speccing yet (probably BM, then BM/MM, then Surv/MM).

I have a couple addon ideas that I’m intending to develop, and one that I’m semi-actively working on (as in, I use it for a couple things, but it’s nowhere near ready for other people to use) when the combination of real life and playing WoW doesn’t interfere.

I post occasionally on the UI and Macros forum.

I’m basically intending to ramble on about whatever, but macros and druids are the most likely topics.

The blog may gradually become prettier, but will probably stay relatively default in design.


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